Just a few ways we’re setting the new industry standard.

Quality basics are tough to come by. And as the foundation of your wardrobe, the “quality” part is key. Thankfully, we’re here to make finding lasting staples even easier. From flattering fits to premium fabrics, our small batch denim, cozy sweatshirts, and organic cotton tees are made to last. Meaning you’ll feel good wearing them—and buying them. 

Quality over quantity.

As lifelong shoppers we’ve learned the hard way that cost doesn't always equate to quality—especially when it comes to cost-per-wear. So to keep our prices fair and our quality high, we partnered with family-owned factories in LA that value lasting basics over chasing trends, limiting their carbon emissions by shipping straight to you in the US, and paying their employees a livable wage. Plus by selling directly to you online, we don’t need as big of a markup. So you can trust we’ll never charge you anything we wouldn’t pay ourselves. Promise. 

You don’t have to choose between your ethics and your wallet.

When it comes to bringing you timeless basics, we value responsibility above all else—and that starts with quality that lasts. But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond keeping clothes out of landfills. Our recycled packaging, GOT’s certified organic cotton fabrics, and non-toxic dyes, are just a few ways we’re taking responsibility for the fashion industry’s impact on the planet. 

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