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A great pair of jeans is a staple in any wardrobe, and yet finding the perfect pair of jeans can feel like an impossible task. Industry Standard was conceived with the vision of making the perfect pair of jeans for a price that wouldn't break the bank.
Our model allows us to deliver premium quality jeans without the higher price point.
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Made in L.A.
Industry Standard jeans are made in Los Angeles, alongside veteran designer denim brands, within the heart of the denim district.
The Factory
Our Fabrics
Our fabrics are sourced from the long-established Cone Denim mill in North Carolina–the original and premier supplier of denim in America.
The Details
Each pair is individually made, crafted with consideration given to every detail and measurement.
The Result?
A fit that complements your figure. A fit that keeps its shape and doesn’t bag out after a few wears. A fit with just the right amount of stretch, so you can live in your jeans comfortably.
American manufacturing has long been in decline, as it has become increasingly expensive to manufacture domestically.
The Problem As a Result Our Solution What This Means The Benefits
Nicole Najafi
Nicole Najafi
Founder, CEO
Nicole Najafi founded Industry Standard after an endless search for the perfect pair of jeans with a reasonable price tag. She decided to put her love of denim to good use and set out to create Industry Standard. She most recently worked at Balenciaga, where she managed their U.S. ecommerce, honing in on what an online customer wants from her shopping experience. Before joining Balenciaga, Nicole lived in Paris, where she worked at Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent. While New York has served as her schooling READ MORE in the digital space, Paris was an education in quality and craftsmanship. Working for a brand where the atelier existed in the very same building as its flagship store was an experience that deeply influenced her, and led her to mirror the same aspects of quality and transparency in production with Industry Standard.

She is originally from Palo Alto and currently resides in New York. Her loyalty to both coasts embodies the spirit of Industry Standard--Made in LA, based in New York.
Matt Berkson
Manufacturing Partner
With close to ten years of experience in denim production and manufacturing, Matt Berkson is an industry veteran. He started his apparel production company in 2007, servicing some of the most notable denim brands in fashion, by both manufacturing in-house and working with LA’s top wash houses, sewers, and cutters. His interest in denim stems from its complexity. From basic washes, to coating, to destruction and repair methods, there is essentially no type of denim production beyond his capability. He is known for working on some of the most elaborate denim productions in the industry. READ MORE Matt was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles. He currently resides in Silverlake.
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